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Judging Credibility of the Internet as Users

Since Week 5’s topic was on credibility and purpose, I want to look at this from the user’s point of view. The Internet does not come with a handbook with warnings and instructions. It is up to the user to … Continue reading

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Updating the About Esma page

I updated the the About Esma page by writing a profile of myself, not as a person, but as an Internet user. Here is the second part of my user profile: My relationship with the Internet goes like this: I … Continue reading

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Facebook Places? What were we thinking?

When Sarah mentioned the location-based social networking Foursquare in our last lecture, I had the same thought as Dijana in her last post: can Facebook get any creepier? No surprise that Facebook developers have boarded the location train and launched … Continue reading

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Muslim search engine blocks nudity

China is not the only country with Internet censorship. In attempts to block explicit content, some Muslims have attempted to create filters. First, I’ll look at Im Halal search engine, halal meaning religiously permissible. It has two filters: the first … Continue reading

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Smell the Internet

The Internet is the best thing after sliced bread. It seems like we can do anything. Through the ‘Net, we can shop for groceries, talk with friends, buy and download books, rent movies, and gather an audience. What else can … Continue reading

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How do we read on the Web?

The answer is: we don’t. We scan. I know I don’t read. The proof is the post prior to this one. In a document on Blackboard, I was asked to write a post related to the Internet, Web or web … Continue reading

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“I lived in New York”

Teenager: “Where are you from?” Me: “I’m Turkish, but I spent most of my life in the US.” Teenager: “Oh wow. Did you meet anyone famous?” For the love of Jesus, son of Mary, please stop asking. I’ve thought about … Continue reading

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