Updating the About Esma page

I updated the the About Esma page by writing a profile of myself, not as a person, but as an Internet user.

Here is the second part of my user profile:

My relationship with the Internet goes like this:

  1. I am a link surfer. Easily distracted, I jump from link to link and end up spending hours glued to the screen. I once went on Wikipedia to look up a literary term and ended up reading about Norwegian bridges, which I found to be fascinating.
  2. I love Wikipedia. Finding Wikipedia made me feel the like a woman who finally got pregnant after years of infertility. I love learning about random things, but dislike the heavy bound encyclopedias and couldn’t get enough of library books.
  3. Me and Wiki

  4. I am not on the pulse with Internet trends, but thanks to my link surfing, I find out eventually (within the year).
  5. My greatest grievance is that many products can’t be shipped to Australia (Amazon, eBay, half.com). The Internet world is still US oriented (which I did not mind while in the US).
  6. I can’t embrace online health advice, dating sites, Twitter and MySpace (in that order).
  7. I read about pop music and watch movie trailers. I’m interested in knowing and understanding mainstream media and pop culture. I can’t stand watching full movies or listening to half the tunes out there.
  8. The Internet has severely reduced my attention span. If I start on one topic then jump to another, you know what to blame.

Define your relationship with the Internet. What are your Internet interests and web-surfing habits?

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8 Responses to Updating the About Esma page

  1. dayeveivy says:

    I dont like web pages with too many pictures and links;
    I dont watch films or videos online when I’m in Australia, i only do these when I’m in Shanghai;
    I prefer to ‘follow’ others rather than to be’followed’ on SNS;
    I rarely leave comments. ^^

  2. esmayu says:

    Does SNS stand for social networks?

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  4. Secil says:

    I love Wikipedia, however Wikipedia can be very opinionated 😦 at times.. but just like you I love to learn about random things..

    • esmayu says:

      Are they really random? For example, though I might read about Norweigan bridges, I never read articles that go in depth about science or maths. Try to find a pattern in your “randomness”.

  5. ccix1 says:

    Hi Esma, this is really engaging. I have to say, Ihave no patience for reading online. I guess like you, the internet has severely reduced my attention span – but only for reading online. I can sit and read a book for hours on the couch/beach/bed (although having spare hours on end is a distant memory). I to, love Wikipedia; having said that, I don’t particularly trust it.
    Just on your note about online shopping, if you use Amazon, you should try the Book Depository (www.bookdepository.co.uk) – sorry can’t work out how to create the link here. It has the same range as Amazon but is cheaper and it doesn’t charge postage! It is UK based, but has a currency converter. I LOVE it!

    I don’t watch movies online, read books online, or really do anything for leisure online. For me the web is a source of information only, I surf to find answers to questions that I have. I lose patience quickly when sites result in me digressing. I am so time-poor that I value speed of the information delivery, but not the distractions that go with it.

    When you get a minute, have look at Book Depository – I feel I need to share the love!

  6. esmayu says:

    Thanks ccix1 (aka Collette). Google led me to the Book Depository six months ago and I fell in love with it. No postage too! Dream come true 🙂

    Your internet habits match your real life habits. You probably don’t like digressions much in your life. I don’t mind the digression when I’m alone, but I am in need of self-discipline because I take it waaaay to far sometimes (online).

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