YouTube scores record of 100 videos per US user in May

First, let’s look at the facts:

For the first time in YouTube history (Feb 2005-Sept 2010), the average American YouTube user has watched 100 videos in one month (May 2010) according to comScore (that’s 14.6 billion videos for 144.1 million viewers). This number is small considering 70% of YouTube traffic is outside the US (which is the same with Facebook) based on research by Website Monitoring. Globally, YouTube gets 2 billion views per day. The average video was 4 minutes long, and the average visitor spent 15 minutes a day on the site.

The research by Web Monitoring also draws attention to the subscriptions to YouTube channels. Guess who has the most subscribers on YouTube? The Music category is the most watched with YouTube’s most popular video being Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance at 185 million views. Despite the video’s popularity, record company Universal Music Group is not in the lead with 1.1 million subscribers.

With 2,667,874 subscribers and 86 million page views, US comedian Ryan Higa (nigahiga on YouTube) has the most subscribers and is (apparently) making a pretty penny with his comedy videos, this one probably being the one that shot him to Internet stardom.  With half of YouTube users are under 20, it makes sense that someone in that demographic would be leading.

Now, my reactions.

1.  OMG 100 videos! I was slightly surprised, but then did the math, and realised that 15 minutes a day is little compared to the hours spent watching TV.

2. Lady Gaga? As creative as Lady Gaga may be, I was happier when Evolution of Dance and Free Hugs were the most popular videos. The first was funny and nostalgic, and the second was inspirational and heart-warming.

3. Go NigaHiga! I’m happy that YouTube still remains the channel of The People (formely known as the audience). The subscriptions to amateur content creators is proof of that. It brings about that democratic feel of the Internet.

What did you think after you read the facts?

I wonder:

  • Will we watch more videos online and less TV?
  • Where do you see YouTube 5 years from now?
  • YouTube reigns over all video sites, but does anyone complain?
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