Google vs Facebook: Battle of the Online Giants

Facebook was always behind Google in Internet traffic. But not in August of this year. According to All Facebook, the “Unofficial Facebook Resource”, the latest peek into the weekly share of American Internet traffic shows Facebook is beating Google.

See the jump from May 2009 to December 2009? Amazing! I wonder if the increased availability and reduced prices of mobile Internet services had anything to do with it.

Is it surprising that these sites dominate Internet traffic? These two online giants continue to thrive because they develop and tweaking their sites to suit users and offer more services. Facebook did not always have News Feeds and there was a time before Google had AdSense. Google tweaked its search algorith 450 times in 2007, and Facebook became infamous for its redesigns. Users are now used to and even welcome the changes and new applications.

Now the rivalry between these two are growing. Caroline McCarthy of CNET Social gives us a briefing about the current standing:

You could put it this way: Facebook dominates the social Web, and Google dominates everything else. Google wants to wrest a bit of control of social media from Facebook; Facebook plans to use the vast network of connections and communication channels it’s built to more or less conquer the rest of the world. It’s the case of a giant with a glaring Achilles heel versus a smaller, more nimble player with a finely-honed skill that can attack its competitor right where it hurts.

Google’s Achilles heel might be its streak of failures when it comes to social media, and Facebook is dealing with a lot of flak regarding privacy concerns and is taking careful steps into other zones. Facebook already has Marketplace, Places, and now Questions. All Facebook maps out the sites’ development over the years. This is where they are now:
Will Facebook be able to conquer? What makes Facebook strong anyway? Users. Lots of them. A year ago, there were 250 million of them. That number has DOUBLED to 500 million users who use Facebook for an average of 55 minutes a day. 500 million users who tell Facebook sponsors exactly what they like and what they don’t. Google may be able to collect data, but Facebook is making major strides in the e-commerce battle.

Google has one-upped Facebook with Priority Inbox to add some peace in the noisy world of the Internet that becomes so overwhelming. In the land of everything, the Priority Inbox adds relevance so that instead of everything you get to focus on that which matters to you.

What do you think could lead Facebook to surpass Google?

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2 Responses to Google vs Facebook: Battle of the Online Giants

  1. dayeveivy says:

    I think Google wont feel too stressful about the figure… it’s just the internet traffic, which is not the only purpose of these companies. I guess google concerns more about its profitability. As far as I know, google is more attractive than Facebook to the advertisers.

  2. esmayu says:

    You raise a good point. I take statistics as a marker of Facebook’s progress and standing before Google, but it will take some time for FB to beat the likes of Google.

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