About Esma

This blog is about understanding the Internet one post at a time.

Through a graduate class in Melbourne, I’m working to improve my editing and publishing skills in this growing sphere of digital media. Maintaining this blog is a requirement for the class.

My Internet habits:

  1. I am a link surfer. Easily distracted, I jump from link to link and end up spending hours glued to the screen. I once went on Wikipedia to look up a literary term and ended up reading about Norwegian bridges.
  2. I love Wikipedia. Finding Wikipedia made me feel the like a woman who had been infertile for years and finally got pregnant.
  3. Me and Wiki

  4. I am not up to date with Internet trends, but thanks to my link surfing, I find out eventually (within the year).
  5. My greatest grievance is that many products can’t be shipped to Australia (Amazon, eBay, half.com). The Internet world is still US oriented (which I did not mind while in the US).
  6. I can’t embrace online health advice, dating sites, Twitter and MySpace (in that order).
  7. I read about pop music and watch trailers of movies. I can’t stand watching full movies or listening to half the tunes out there, but I’m interested in knowing what’s going on in mainstream media and pop culture.
  8. The Internet has severely reduced my attention span. If I start on one topic then jump to another, you know what to blame.


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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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