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Google vs Facebook: Battle of the Online Giants

Facebook was always behind Google in Internet traffic. But not in August of this year. According to All Facebook, the “Unofficial Facebook Resource”, the latest peek into the weekly share of American Internet traffic shows Facebook is beating Google. See … Continue reading

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Turks and the Internet

Being Turkish, I dived further into Turkiye’s internet usage I linked to a study on global Facebook usage in my last post because I was suprised with country rankings for Facebook users: US: 111 million (no surprise) UK: 23 million … Continue reading

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YouTube scores record of 100 videos per US user in May

First, let’s look at the facts: For the first time in YouTube history (Feb 2005-Sept 2010), the average American YouTube user has watched 100 videos in one month (May 2010) according to comScore (that’s 14.6 billion videos for 144.1 million … Continue reading

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Driving Distracts Cellphone Users

As one commentator said, this research is worthy of an Ignobel Prize. (Note: Not an Internet related topic, but I still had to post this up. Please scroll down to go to my actual post for the week).

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Great technology! Same generation gap

The amazing technology we wow at today is crud compared to what’s coming.  How do I know? Evidence 1: This is a calculator adding machine Arithmometre in 1887. 100 years later, we have the pocket calculator. Further down the line, … Continue reading

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Judging Credibility of the Internet as Users

Since Week 5’s topic was on credibility and purpose, I want to look at this from the user’s point of view. The Internet does not come with a handbook with warnings and instructions. It is up to the user to … Continue reading

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Smell the Internet

The Internet is the best thing after sliced bread. It seems like we can do anything. Through the ‘Net, we can shop for groceries, talk with friends, buy and download books, rent movies, and gather an audience. What else can … Continue reading

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