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Google vs Facebook: Battle of the Online Giants

Facebook was always behind Google in Internet traffic. But not in August of this year. According to All Facebook, the “Unofficial Facebook Resource”, the latest peek into the weekly share of American Internet traffic shows Facebook is beating Google. See … Continue reading

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Most dangerous places to surf the net

In my last post about Turks and the Internet, I warned readers to beware of surfing the net in Turkiye.  Here’s the reason. Internet security company AVG revealed most dangerous places to surf the net. Which country’s at the top … Continue reading

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Turks and the Internet

Being Turkish, I dived further into Turkiye’s internet usage I linked to a study on global Facebook usage in my last post because I was suprised with country rankings for Facebook users: US: 111 million (no surprise) UK: 23 million … Continue reading

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“I lived in New York”

Teenager: “Where are you from?” Me: “I’m Turkish, but I spent most of my life in the US.” Teenager: “Oh wow. Did you meet anyone famous?” For the love of Jesus, son of Mary, please stop asking. I’ve thought about … Continue reading

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